Error: Component Unfit for Intel® Compute Module


Install & Setup



The management GUI may show an error Component Unfit for a compute module, storage module, or Ethernet module; usually after a firmware update. Component Unfit means the updating failed for the listed component. The table below lists some common causes and solutions.

Component Solution
SCM (Storage Control Module) Physically remove and reinsert the affected module. If the issue persists:
  1. Power off each compute module.
  2. Remove the power cords from the chassis.
  3. Eject all hard drives. It is not necessary to fully remove them from the drive bay; just ensure they are disconnected from the drive backplane.
  4. Plug in the chassis power cords.
  5. If the SCM now functions correctly, repeat steps 1 and 2, reinsert all hard drives, then plug in the chassis power cords.
  6. If the SCM still shows the issue, see the instructions below this table for retrieving a diagnostic file and contacting support.
Compute Module Outdated network driver: Update the network driver for the MFS5000SI or the MFS5520VI or MFS2600KI.
Compute Module Unsupported hard drives or memory: Verify your hard drives and memory are on the tested list
Compute Module Unsupported OS: Verify your operating system is supported
Compute Module Other: Physically remove and reinsert the affected module. If the issue persists, clear the CMOS and enable the BIOS Recovery jumper. Instructions are in the Technical Product Specification.
Compute Module Fails during firmware update: Connect a local USB keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Make sure EFI is the primary boot option.
[F2] to enter BIOS | Boot Options | Boot Option #1 | EFI Shell
Other component Dual Ethernet switches installed, and admin link enabled:
From the CMM GUI, choose System | Switches | Advanced Configuration
Mouse over any port and choose Port Configuration
Select Port | 10G.XC | Admin Status | Down
and Port | 10G.SC | Admin Status | Down
Other component Reset the CMM.
Other component becomes Unfit after firmware upgrade Review the installation instructions. Often there are specific directions to follow.


If the issue persists, retrieve the diagnostic file from the CMM GUI (Reports | Diagnostics | Service Data | Complete System Diagnostics). If this issue occurred after an update, be sure to inform customer support of the previous and current firmware revisions.