How to Stop your Intel® RAID Controller from Continuing to Beep After Rebuild with a Hot Spare Drive is Complete


Maintenance & Performance



After a degraded array completes a rebuild using a hot spare drive, the controller may continue beeping with longer intervals (1 second on, 3 seconds off) even after a system restart.

Why is it continuing to beep?

The copy back feature may be used with hot spare to maintain the original RAID configuration.

If enabled (default) and hot spare drive(s) is assigned, when a drive fails or is expected to fail, the hot spare becomes configured good temporarily and is used for rebuild. After the rebuild is complete, the controller continues beeping with intervals of 1 second on, 3 seconds off to notify that a hot spare has been used for rebuild and is waiting for the failed drive to be replaced so it can 'copy back' the data to the newly replaced drive and revert the temporary configured good (hot spare) drive back to hot spare state.


Refer to the software user guide for further details about beeping and copy back feature.

How to fix it

Follow the steps below to replace the failed drive so the controller can complete the copy back operation:

  1. Locate the failed drive.
  2. Replace the failed drive with new drive and re-insert it back to the same slot.
  3. Controller will start copy back operation.
  4. Beeping should stop after the copy back operation is completed.