How to Stop Your Intel® RAID Controller from Continuing to Beep After Rebuild Is Complete


Maintenance & Performance



After a degraded array completes a rebuild, the controller may continue beeping, but with longer intervals.

Why is it continuing to beep?

The controller alerts you that there is no longer a hot spare for the RAID volume.

How to fix it

  1. Add a new hot spare to the system.
  2. Insert a drive into an empty slot and accept the option to perform a Copyback.1
1 Typically, when a drive fails or is expected to fail, the data is rebuilt on a hot spare. The failed drive is replaced with a new disk. Then the data is copied from the hot spare to the new drive, and the hot spare reverts from a rebuild drive to its original hot spare status. The Copyback operation runs as a background activity, and the virtual drive is still available online to the host. For more information, refer to the Copyback section (2.4.5) of the IT/IR, Integrated, Software Stack 3 User Guide.