Frequently Asked Questions for Server and Workstation Intel® Graphics Drivers


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The purpose of this document is to detail support expectations and information for Intel® Graphics Drivers for servers and workstations.

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Which Intel® graphics are found in server systems?
  • Intel® HD Graphics P3000
  • Intel® HD Graphics P4700
Can I download Intel® Graphics Drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors or Intel® Server Systems?

No. Contact your server manufacturer for information on the availability of driver downloads for your server system.

Note Some server systems use the same Graphics Hardware Device ID number as workstation systems. When this happens, the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant can provide a driver, but these drivers are intended for client and workstation systems only. For server systems, get validated drivers from your server manufacturer.
Where can I download graphics drivers for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems?

Visit the Intel Server Products support website, and select your Intel Server Board or Intel Server System product. Select Download Drivers and Software to see if a graphics driver is available for your board. Or, you can go to the Download Center and choose from the options provided to find your product.

Does Intel directly support graphics drivers for Intel® Xeon® Processors?

Yes, if the board or system is manufactured and branded by Intel. Visit the Intel Server Products support Web site, select your Intel® Server Board or Intel® Server System for support options.

Note Intel does not provide support for server boards and systems manufactured by anyone other than Intel. Contact your board or system manufacturer for support.
Can you download and use Intel® Graphics Drivers if your system does not have an Intel® Processor or Intel® Server Board?


Does Intel have graphics drivers for Windows Server 2003*?

A few older Intel® Graphics Controllers have Intel® Extreme Graphics included in the Microsoft Windows Server 2003* installation CD:

  • Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller

Intel® Extreme Graphics drivers are automatically installed during the operating system installation. Contact your server manufacturer for support.


Which Intel graphics are found in workstation systems?
  • Intel® HD Graphics P3000
  • Intel® HD Graphics P4000
  • Intel® HD Graphics P4600
  • Intel® HD Graphics P4700
Does Intel provide graphics drivers for workstations with Intel® Processors?

Yes. You can download the latest graphics driver for your workstation directly from the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.

Or, if you know the codename for your processor, you can use the table to find your graphics driver.

Processor codename Graphics driver
Clarkdale Use the driver for Intel® Core™ Processors with Intel® HD Graphics
Haswell Use the driver for Intel® HD Graphics 4200
Ivy Bridge Use the driver for Intel® HD Graphics 2500
Sandy Bridge Use the driver for Intel® HD Graphics 3000/2000

If you do not know the codename for your processor, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Intel Product Information.
  2. In the Type Here to Search Products box in the upper-right corner of the page, type your processor model. Example: Xeon E3. Press Enter.
  3. Select the processor that matches yours from the list that displays.
  4. Look in the Related Products box on the right-hand side of the page. The processor codename follows these words: Processor formerly...
How do I get support for a graphics issue on a workstation?

Contact your workstation manufacturer, or contact the application developer, if you are having an issue with a specific workstation application.


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