1-5-4-2 and/or 1-5-4-4 Beep Code for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems


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What am I seeing?

On boot, you can get a 1-5-4-2 and/or 1-5-4-4 beep sequence. This beep sequence indicates a power fault or failure. Refer to the Technical Product Specification of the appropriate server board for a description of the beep codes, please refers to the appendix named Post Code Errors

Note The situation may also take place with the 1-5-4-4 and 1-5-1-2 beep code sequence, especially with new system setups.

How to fix it

  • Ensure that no loose standoff contacts the chassis, which would therefore cause grounding. This scenario is especially true with brand-new system integrations.
  • Remove and reinsert the power supply or power supplies.
  • Ensure that both Central Processing Unit 1 (CPU1) and Central Processing Unit 2 (CPU2) power connectors are connected even if there isn't a second processor installed.
  • If your system supports dual or redundant power supplies, start your computer using a single power supply.
  • Test one processor at a time if your board has two.
  • Update the motherboard system BIOS/firmware to the latest version.
  • Swap the existing memory with tested memory, as non-tested memory could cause this beep code.

What should I do if these steps don't fix it?

If these steps don't resolve the situation, visit the Warranty Center for support options.

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