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USB headers on most motherboards use a standard 2.54mm pitch (as measured from pin center to pin center). However, due to the limited space on Intel® NUC motherboards, Intel® NUC onboard USB headers use smaller pitches of 1.25mm or 2.0mm.

USB Header Pitch

See the Connectors and Headers section of the Technical Product Specifications for Intel® NUC Products for the following information:

  • Location of the headers on the motherboard
  • Molex connector part number
  • Pin and signal information

The table shows the different types of USB headers used on Intel NUC products.

USB header type Image
Blue dual-port USB 3.0 Blue USB header
White single-port USB 2.0 White USB header single
White dual-port USB 2.0 White USB header dual
Black dual-port USB 2.0 Black USB header dual


The onboard USB headers can be used to:

  • Connect to specialty lids or backpanel extensions
  • Connect from an Intel NUC motherboard-only SKU to a connector on a 3rd party chassis

If the USB device you plan to connect to the onboard header uses the standard 2.54mm pitch, you'll need an adapter cable with a 1.25mm or 2.0mm pitch connection. Look for adapters described as follows:

  • 2.54mm to 2.0mm pitch USB port header adapter cable
  • 2.54mm to 1.25mm pitch USB port header adapter cable


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