External Connectivity Configurations for the Intel® Storage System JBOD2000 Family


Install & Setup



The JBOD configurations shown here represent connectivity done by a customer external to the system or systems.

Single SAS Domain:
Single SAS Domain

Single SAS Domain Cascaded:
Single SAS Domain Cascaded

Dual Path Single SAS Domain:
Dual Path Single SAS Domain

Dual SAS Domain:
Dual SAS Domain

Dual SAS Domain Cascaded:
Dual SAS Domain Cascaded

Dual SAS Domain Clustered:
Dual SAS Domain Clustered

Dual SAS Domain Clustered Cascaded:
Dual SES Domain Clustered Cascaded

  1. The External Controller designation in the diagrams above indicates an Intel® RAID Controller installed in an Intel® Server System that would then be connected to the JBOD2000 through the external JBOD2000 SFF-8088 connection(s).
  2. These configurations are created by a customer with external cabling.
  3. Customer must supply their own external Mini-SAS cables.
  4. You can cascade up to four expanders together.