System Hangs on Boot after Upgrading Intel® Boot Agent





What are you seeing?
After updating the Intel® Boot Agent software, also known as Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) image, on an Intel® Network Adapter, the system hangs on boot.

What is the cause?
The computer system BIOS does not support the latest PXE image. This issue is not caused by the Intel Boot Agent software.

How to fix
If you cannot boot your system after upgrading the Intel Boot Agent software, you should be able to resolve the issue by following the steps for one of the options below.

Your best option is to upgrade your computer BIOS.

  1. Contact your system manufacturer for an updated BIOS.
  2. You must remove the Intel® Network Adapter from your system before updating the BIOS.
  3. Your system will boot normally after removal of the Intel Network Adapter.
  4. Follow your system manufacturer's instructions for upgrading the BIOS.
  5. After the BIOS upgrade completes and you have confirmed that the computer functions normally, install the Intel Network Adapter.
  6. The system should now boot normally.

If you have access to a different computer, you should be able to use the other computer to restore an earlier version of Intel® Boot Agent.

  1. Install the Intel Network Adapter in another computer.
  2. Use the Intel Boot Agent software on the CD that came with your adapter to restore the earlier software version.
    Note If you do not have the CD, you can download an earlier version of Intel Boot Agent.
  3. After installing the earlier version of Intel Boot Agent software, move the adapter back to the original computer system.