Troubleshooting Graphics Issues on Intel® NUC





If you experience graphics related issues on your Intel® NUC, we recommend you first update the following:

  • BIOS version
  • Intel® HD Graphics driver 

BIOS and drivers are available on Download Center.


To ensure optimal graphics performance with HDMI video, use certified Premium High Speed (4K60 / HDR / UltraHD / 18Gbps) or Ultra High Speed (8K60 / 4K120 / 48Gbps) HDMI® Cables, as identified by the HDMI Forum.

Refer to the table for additional troubleshooting tips and useful information.

What are you seeing? How to fix it.

Problems with your TV or AV receivers.

See HDMI 2.0 Firmware update instructions.
Flickering display  Refer to Troubleshooting Flickering Displays on Intel® NUC.
Display problems when your Intel® NUC is connected to a 4K display. See driver and firmware update instructions for your NUC model and TV.
Error message appears when you play YouTube* videos: An error occurred, please try again later. See troubleshooting recommendations.
Black screen on the remote client software when you connect remotely to your Intel® NUC. Or, computer doesn't appear to start if no display is connected. Refer to Remote access setup for Intel® NUCs.
Dolby Digital* 5.1 doesn't work in Netflix Metro*. Download and install the latest graphics driver from Download Center. See more details.
  • Corrupted display and/or artifacts
  • Missing pixels
  • Rendering issues
  • Crashing while gaming
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver.

Download and install the latest graphics driver from Download Center
Display appears but touchscreen features of the monitor don't work.
  • Install the latest drivers and firmware for the monitor, available from the manufacturer's website. 
  • Try a different cable from the Intel NUC to the display.
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