Command Line Installation for Intel® Graphic Drivers


Install & Setup



You can install the graphics driver from the command line. Below are options you can add to Installer.exe when you run it from a filepath.

For example: C:\IntelGfx\Installer.exe --overwrite -s


Option Description

-b, --reboot

  • Forces a system reboot after the installation completes.

-l “{lang_​value}”

  • Specifies the language that the installer uses.

-o, --overwrite

  • Forces installation of the graphics driver, regardless of the version of previously installed driver.

-p, --passive

  • Performs a passive installation without additional user input.

--report “{path}”

  • Specifies an alternate location and name of the log file created by a silent installation. By default, the log file is stored at C:\ProgramData\Intel\Logs\IntelGFX.log.
  • Sets permissions below for directory which log file is in (including sub-directories and files).
    • Full control – Admin only
    • Read – all users

-s, --silent

  • A silent installation that uses default selections in the place of user input. Not all visual indications are disabled in silent mode.

-f, --fresh

  • Forces clean/fresh installation of the driver. Used with the silent installation parameter (-s, --silent).

-?, --help

  • Displays list of all available commands with descriptions.


  • Forces installation with static background.


  • Disables digital signature verification of the driver.


  • Displays version of the graphics driver in command prompt that is in the installation package.


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