Learn about Windows* Software Trace Pre-Processor Logging


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Windows* Software Trace Pre-processor (WPP) logging is software tracing support in Windows OS for USB 3.0 debugging. When you report an issue for USB 3.0, Intel can ask you to provide the WPP logging information.

WPP tracing is dynamically controlled during system runtime; reboots are not required to change driver settings. WPP trace log is used by Intel to debug USB 3.0 issues.

Debug trace messages are embedded in the driver, which records driver behavior and determines location and cause of the issue. There are two methods for capturing WPP tracing:

  • Logman captures issues during S0 state.
  • Autologger captures issues during boot, restart, and S3–S5 states.

The tools are more useful for troubleshooting USB 3.0 devices. For debugging an issue, use third-party tools.