Recovering a RAID 0 Volume Failure Using Intel® Rapid Storage Technology


Maintenance & Performance



When a RAID 0 volume fails or is disconnected, the data on the drive is no longer accessible. 

If a drive is disconnected, you may be able to recover the volume. If a drive fails, it is likely that cannot recover the data. Refer to the appropriate procedure below to recover or re-create your configuration:

If the RAID 0 volume failed due to a disconnected drive

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Reconnect the drive.
  3. Restart the computer. The option ROM during boot automatically marks the RAID 0 volume as normal.  This can also be viewed in the Intel® Optane™ Memory and Storage Management application in the OS.


If the RAID 0 volume failed due to a failed drive

Note In most cases, the volume cannot be recovered and any data on the volume is lost.  However, before deleting the volume you can try resetting the disks to normal and attempt data recovery.  If the drive continues to fail, the disk will likely return to a failed state.  Try resetting the volume to normal and recovering the data (see section 

This procedure deletes the failed RAID 0 volume and creates a RAID 0 volume.

  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Replace the failed drive with a new drive of equal or greater capacity.
  3. Restart the computer. When prompted during system startup, press CTRL+I at the same time to enter the option ROM user interface.
  4. Click Delete RAID Volume.
  5. Press the up/down arrow keys to select the failed RAID 0 volume.
  6. Press Delete to delete the volume.
  7. Press Y to confirm the deletion.
  8. Click Create RAID Volume and follow the prompts to create a RAID 0 volume.  Note: If the volume contained the operating system, this will need to be reinstalled
  9. Click Exit.