Language Resource Version File Not Found Error for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology


Maintenance & Performance



What am I seeing?

Events in the Microsoft Event Monitor that are associated with IAANTmon, the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager event monitor, may display File not found for the Language Resource Version entries instead of the version numbers.

What versions are affected?

This issue should no longer occur beginning with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology version 9.5.

How to fix it

If you have a system with an older version of the software that exhibits the issue, it does appear to be cosmetic as the version numbers are correctly displayed in the Intel® Matrix Storage Console system report.

Use the following steps to view the system report:

  1. Click Start > Programs > Intel® Matrix Storage Manager > Intel® Matrix Storage Console.
  2. Click View > System Report.

These Event Viewer error(s) do not affect the performance of the RAID volume.