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If you're using IT configuration management products with support for Intel® AMT, a change in version 9.0 may affect you. 4th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors ship with Intel® AMT version 9.0 in 2013.

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What specifically is different about Intel’s 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor platforms with Intel® AMT? Intel® Core™ Processor platforms prior to 4th Generation with Intel® AMT supported the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) EOI communication protocol. Starting with Intel® AMT 3.2, an industry standard protocol for out-of-band management was adopted. That protocol is WS-Management (WS-MAN). Intel supported both protocols from Intel® AMT 3.2 until 8.x. Plans to remove the older EOI protocol were stated in 2009 with Intel® AMT 9.x as the first generation that only supports the WS-MAN protocol.
How do I know if I'm affected? Some IT configuration management products have not made the transition to WS-MAN for Intel® AMT. These products may require that the customer perform an upgrade to their configuration management product. This upgrade is done to maintain compatibility with new platforms starting with 4th generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors. Check with your ISV to see if an upgrade is required to maintain compatibility.
How does this change impact my experience? If you're using an IT configuration management product that is not affected, there is no change to your experience. If you're using an IT configuration management product that requires an upgrade, changes occur to your business processes.
In the meantime, what is the impact to me? Existing Intel® vPro™ platforms with Intel® AMT that have already been provisioned will continue to be managed with IT configuration management products. If you have an Intel® vPro™ platform that has not provisioned Intel® AMT, check with your ISV for a specific list of supported Intel® AMT features and prior versions.
How will I be supported? You are encouraged to contact your ISV directly for support.
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