Backplane Kits for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems





These optional accessories allow NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) to be cabled directly into the PCIe* bus:

  • A1U44X25NVMEDK (1U, Hot-swap Backplane Kit)
  • A2U44X25NVMEDK and/or A2U44X25NVMEDK2 (2U, Hot-swap Backplane Kits)

The Backplane Kits are designed to support SAS devices and up to four PCIe* SFF (small form factor) NVMe SSDs. The accessories are compatible with the following Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems:

  • Intel® Server Board S2600WT Family
  • Intel® Server System R1000WT Family
  • Intel® Server System R2000WT Family


  • The backplanes require specific BIOS and BMC support. If you're attempting to integrate one of these backplanes into a server board or system that isn't specific to Intel, contact the motherboard manufacturer for compatibility information.
  • For more information, refer to Intel Product Specifications.