Delete a RAID 1 Mirror Without Data Loss


Maintenance & Performance



You should be able to delete a RAID 1 mirror without losing data if the RAID 1 volume is:

  • The only volume on the array
  • The first volume in a matrix RAID configuration
Note Data loss can occur if the RAID 1 volume is the second volume in a matrix RAID configuration.

How do I access the data after I delete a RAID 1 volume?

After you delete a RAID 1 volume or reset the hard drive members of the RAID 1 volume to non-RAID, you can access your data with one of the following options:

  • If the RAID 1 volume has an operating system, boot to either of the hard drives.
  • If the RAID 1 volume does not have an operating system, access your files on either of the hard drives from Windows*.
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