Turning the Intel® WiGig Radio On and Off


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Select one of the following methods to enable or disable the Intel® WiGig radio.

Note Turning the radio on or off is also known as enabling or disabling  the radio.
  • Using the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager

    Click or the topic for details:

    Windows® 10
    1. ​​Open Start > Intel > Intel® Wireless Dock Manager
    2. Select Wireless Settings.

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    3. Select WiGig to enable the radio.

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    ​Windows 7*/8.1*
    1. Open Start > Intel > Intel® Wireless Dock Manager.
    2. Select Enable WiGig.

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  • Windows 8.1/10 Airplane Mode

    Note The Intel WiGig radio ships with airplane mode setting off by default.


    1. From the Windows 8* Start screen, click Settings.
    2. Click the Network icon.
    3. Using the Airplane Mode toggle, you can simultaneously enable and disable all radios, including Intel WiGig.
      • When Airplane Mode is on, all radios are disabled
      • When Airplane Mode is off, all radios are enabled
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