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What options are available if I have earlier Intel Graphics? provides in game optimizations for 4th Generation Core Intel Graphics and newer. If you have an older CPU with Intel Graphics, game playability information is available for older systems.
Is there any information available to help me identify my Intel Graphics?Please see the support page on how to identify your Intel Graphics
Does Intel plan on maintaining and updating these recommended game settings in the future?Yes, updates and new game optimizations will be continuously added. If a new game is released that you're interested in playing on Intel Graphics check back after the game launches for optimizations.
Is there a way to make some recommended game settings easier to read?If you encounter a screen capture on that is difficult to read, download the jpgs of the recommended game settings. Zooming in will be easier to do once the file is on your system.
What settings does Intel consider to be good enough for a game to be playable?Playable experience is 30 FPS and at least 720P resolution. Labs test games for 2–5 minutes on a representative gameplay scene of the game. Labs start at 1900×1200 resolution and begin to turn down resolution and settings to find best gameplay experience that plays above 30 FPS on a representative gameplay experience.
Has Intel tested these games on the specified Intel Graphics hardware?Yes, Intel uses a lab to create in-game settings based on multiple hardware configurations and publishes the optimized in game optimizations on Intel Gameplay.
Which operating systems are these settings recommended for?Games were tested on Windows*-based OS. Lab continues to test with latest public Windows OS, although recommendations should apply to previous versions of Windows OS.
If the recommended game settings aren't available on the Intel Graphics that I selected, does that mean that the game isn't playable?It could be that the game hasn't yet been tested or that it isn’t playable. Another source of games that are playable on Intel Graphics is on our support page. Check there for additional information
What's the difference between Option 1 (auto-detect) versus Option 2 (manually select)?Option 1 detects the Intel Graphics in your system automatically. Option 2 lets you select specific CPUs with Intel Graphics when you start to enter CPU brand, CPU frequency, or Intel Graphics information.
Once I find the recommended game settings that I’m looking for, do I have to manually go change those settings in the game?Once you find the optimized game settings for the Intel Graphics in your system, you manually change the settings in game. You can either refer to the information on Intel Gameplay or download the jpg screen captures for changing them at another time.
Does Intel work with game developers to try and improve how well games play on Intel Graphics?Yes, Intel regularly works with game developers to improve how well games play on Intel Graphics and CPUs.
Does Intel plan on adding recommended games settings in the future for earlier Intel Graphics? provides in-game optimizations for 4th Generation Core Intel Graphics and newer. If you have an older CPU with Intel Graphics, game playability information is available for older systems.
I’ve never seen this Intel website before. Is it new or has it been around for a while? went live in June 2015.