Troubleshooting Memory Issues on Intel® NUC





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What are you seeing? How to fix it
You need a memory module for your Intel® NUC. See Intel® Product Compatibility Tool for compatible memory modules.

This error displays when you start your Intel® NUC:

Unsupported 1Gb / 2Gb density SODIMM(s) detected on SODIMM Slot 2.
System instability or data loss possible. Replace with SODIMMs with 4Gb or higher density. Continue (Y/N).

See Unsupported 1GB or 2GB Density Error.
The power LED on the Intel® NUC blinks in a pattern of three during POST.  See Three LED blinks when booting computer.
Your Intel® NUC won't start if two memory modules are installed. See Intel NUC Doesn't Start with two memory modules installed.
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