Issues When Using USB Ports to Power Intel® Compute Sticks





Intel® Compute Sticks are designed to use up to 10W of power. USB ports on televisions or monitors typically don't supply enough power for Intel Compute Sticks.  Use of a dedicated power supply, that provides 10W or more, is recommended.

If you use a USB port on the television to power your Intel Compute Stick, likely symptoms will include:

  • It doesn't turn on.
  • It turns on, but doesn't boot.
  • It turns on, but the operating system doesn't load.
  • It turns on and the operating system loads, but it performs very slowly, reboots, or locks up.
  • BIOS versions 0025 and later detect if Intel Compute Sticks are being powered by a USB port.
  • The following warning message displays: Caution: Please use AC power, and system will shut down after 30 sec.