How to Find Compatible Motherboards for Your Intel® Boxed Desktop Processor





Intel® Boxed Desktop Processors can be sold as retail box to end users who want to build their own desktop PCs.

Intel Boxed Desktop Processors

To find third-party motherboards that are compatible with Intel Boxed Processors, use the Intel® Product Compatibility Tool and select the Desktop and Workstation Processors.

Intel Product Compatibility Tool

Find compatible motherboards for Intel Desktop Processors

  1. Identify your processor number and capture the identifier (i9, i7, i5, or i3) if the processor is Intel® Core™.
  2. Go to Intel® Product Compatibility Tool.
  3. Click Desktop and Workstation Processors.
  4. Enter Processor Family.
  5. Enter Generations. Refer to How to Find the Generation of Intel® Core™ Processors.
  6. Enter Processor number.
  7. Click Search.

A list of compatible motherboards will be displayed.  You can use the Product Selection located on the left side to update your selection at any time.

You can also choose the Motherboard Filter to look for a motherboard vendor.

For additional information about the motherboards, contact the motherboard manufacturer directly.


Example: Need compatible motherboards for Intel Processor i7-13700K.

Processor Family

Generation and Processor