Frequently Asked Questions for Intel® Server Boards and Intel® Server Systems S2600WT/R1000WT/R2000WT


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Why does the metal bracket prevent installation of memory?
The 1U chassis comes with a Chassis Support Bracket that, if installed backwards, will interfere with the DIMMs. See page 4 (18 of 112) in the System Integration and Service Guide for correct orientation.

How do I fix loud fans and blinking LED?
After building a new server, or after making any hardware changes, update the firmware. Taking this step quiets the fans and solves most status issues.

I am installing an OS (operating system), why does it not see my hard drives?
Use the latest drivers during the OS installation, especially with NVMe SSD drives.

Why do I see fatal error 0147 during boot?
This error displays when there are RAID configuration problems; when the configuration is not optimal, or degraded, or otherwise requires intervention from the user.