Some Windows 8.1* Metro Apps Don't Open on Intel® Compute Sticks





Some Windows 8.1* apps on the Windows Start screen fail to open. To fix this issue, you can download and install the App Update, or request replacement under warranty.

Option 1: Run the App Update

This utility updates the operating system to fix this issue. The update is available on Download Center.

  • The App Update is only for Intel® Compute Sticks with this issue.
  • The download file is 338 MB. You have two options to get the file:
    • Download and save the file directly on the Intel Compute Stick.
    • On another system, use a high-speed Internet connection to download and save the file to a USB flash drive. The copy the file to your Intel Compute Stick.
  • It takes about 13 minutes to complete the update.
  • The utility doesn't update the contents of the recovery partition. If you use Windows Recovery* to reset or refresh your computer later, you must run this utility again.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you power your Intel Compute Stick from the AC adapter to a wall plug.
  • Remove all SD cards or USB portable storage devices before running the update.
  • Use a wired USB keyboard and mouse when running the update. Bluetooth* devices and some USB wireless devices don't work during this update.
  • Close all applications to prevent loss of data.

Run the update

  1. Right-click the file name and click Run as administrator to start the update.
  2. Click Install to extract the files to \Patch\ folder.
  3. After you extract all the files, press any key when prompted to restart the system.
  4. When prompted, enter on your keyboard. Then press Enter to begin the update. Don't shut down the Intel Compute Stick while the update is in process.
  5. After the update is complete, press any key to restart your Intel Compute Stick.

Option 2: Replace the Intel® Compute Stick under warranty

Affected product is covered under warranty. To obtain warranty replacement follow the step in the Warrany Information page.