Can't Access BIOS Setup with F2 Key for Intel® NUC





Note The process below only works for Intel® NUC systems. If you have a system other than an Intel® NUC, contact your system's manufacturer for support. For general information about how to enter the BIOS see How to Enter the BIOS on Any PC.

What are you seeing?

When trying to enter the Intel® NUC's BIOS pressing F2 during boot doesn't enter setup.

How to fix it.

See the table below for the most common causes that BIOS Setup won't open and how to fix it.

Cause How to fix it
If you are using a bluetooth keyboard Bluetooth drivers may not be loaded before an Operating System loads.  Try using a wired keyboard to access the BIOS.

If you are using a wired keyboard but Windows still loads when you press F2.

If Fast Boot it is enabled, it can make entering the BIOS difficult.  Try disabling Fast Boot.

How to disable Fast Boot for the Intel NUCs

If your wired keyboard isn't working at all. If your keyboard is connected to a front panel USB port, try connecting it to a back panel port instead.
If you don't see a prompt to press F2 and you're using a USB monitor. Temporarily connect the Intel® NUC to a monitor that supports HDMI or DisplayPort

If none of these options solve your issue, contact Intel Customer Support.


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