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Warranty & RMA



You can find the Intel® Boxed Processor technical information on the Intel Product Page.

To determine if your Intel® Boxed Processors are covered under warranty:

  1. Collect the necessary information.
  2. Submit a warranty exchange request.

Keep the serial number (ATPO) and the batch number (FPO) to speed up the warranty exchange or the return process. Keep the box or take a picture for reference.

Click or the topic for details:

Determine need for replacement

Are there any processor diagnostic tools available?

The Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool can help you find out if your processor is defective.

What should I do before contacting Intel regarding my warranty exchange?
  1. Verify that your processor is a boxed processor using the processor & fan heat-sink markings.
  2. Perform the necessary troubleshooting steps to correctly identify the processor as the failing part:
    1. Try the processor in another system.
    2. Try a known good processor that is compatible with your desktop board in your system.
    3. Try any applicable steps from our troubleshooting guide and record the results. You may need to describe results later.


What is the difference between a retail processor and an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) processor?

Intel® Processors fall into one of two categories:

  • Boxed or retail processors
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or tray processors

A boxed processor is sold in a factory-sealed package containing the processor, a fan heat sink, product manual, and an Intel sticker. The product manual contains installation instructions and warranty terms and conditions. 

An OEM or tray processor is one that is sold wholesale, typically in bulk, to system manufacturers like HP, Dell, or Acer. The processors are usually sold in a tray format and integrated into a PC by the OEM or reseller. Individual vendors set the OEM processor warranty length and provide warranty services. We recommend that you refer to your system warranty documentation for warranty terms and conditions.

How do I know when my boxed processor warranty period expires?

Visit the Intel Warranty Center to verify if your boxed processor is still within warranty period.

Can I buy a boxed processor in the United States and get warranty in another country?

You can claim warranty globally for Intel® Boxed Processors except in Australian, China, and India. Those countries have country-specific warranty policies for Intel Boxed Processors.

Can I get warranty in China for my universal boxed processor?

In China, only a China boxed processor is eligible for warranty. A universal boxed processor isn't eligible for warranty unless you provide the proof of purchase and custom clearance documentation.

Can I contact Intel directly about boxed processor replacement?

We recommend that you work with your Intel Technology Partner to shorten completion time for warranty transaction. If contacting your Intel Technology Partner isn't an option, we can provide technical support and warranty services for boxed processors and the fan heat sinks.

Can I extend the warranty on my Intel® Boxed Processor?

Warranty periods for Intel® Boxed Processors can't be extended. There is optional protection plan for certain SKUs for purchase. For details, click on protection plan overview, FAQ and pricing

Can I contact Intel directly about replacement for an OEM or tray processor?

You must contact your place of purchase or computer manufacturer about OEM processor warranty replacement. We don't provide warranty service for OEM processors.

What if I don't know if my processor is an OEM or boxed processor?

To identify it as boxed or an OEM, check your processor but you would need processor markings (video).

For Intel® China Boxed Processors, see Intel® China Boxed Processor verification.

You can contact Intel Customer Support to help determine if your processor is eligible for warranty service. You need to provide certain processor information for us to help you determine if your processor is boxed or OEM. Watch this video to know markings you need to provide.

Warranty exchange information

What information do I need to provide to determine if I have a boxed or OEM processor?

Provide all the markings from the top of the defective processor or fan heat sink.

Is there any other information that I might need to provide?

You may need to provide a valid proof-of-purchase such as an invoice when you contact us. To help our support personnel fully understand the issue, be ready to describe any troubleshooting steps you've already tried.

After warranty approval

What is a Standard Warranty Replacement?

Standard Warranty Replacement is when you're required to return your processor to Intel before Intel ships the new processor out. If you're an end user or a non-channel member, you use the standard warranty replacement process. Intel Technology Partners have more options available.

Learn more at Intel® Reseller Center.

How can I prevent physical damage in the shipping process, and why should I care?

Properly package the processor when you ship it back to Intel. If damage occurs during the shipping process, Intel reserves the right to reject the warranty claim.

The best way to ship the processor is to use the processor clamshell that ships in the box. If you don't have the clamshell, carefully wrap the processor in a protective material like bubble wrap. Protective material insures protection from damage. Your warranty claim may be affected if the processor sustains physical damage during shipment.

Engineering sample processors

What are engineering sample processors?

Intel® engineering sample processors, also known as Intel® Qualification Sample Processors, are pre-production processors. They've been loaned to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs), and independent software vendors (ISVs). They're used in the product design cycle prior to product launch.

Can I purchase an Intel® engineering sample processor?

Intel engineering sample processors are provided by Intel under nondisclosure and/or special loan agreement terms with restrictions on the recipient's handling and use. They aren't for sale or resale and are the sole property of Intel.

Can I receive a warranty on Intel® engineering sample processors?

Intel engineering sample processors aren't covered under Intel warranty. We generally don't support them past the pre-production phase.

How do I identify Intel® engineering sample processors?

The easiest way to tell if you have an Intel engineering sample processor is to look at the processor topside markings. If you have a four- or five-digit Qspec, you have an engineering sample. A production processor will have a five-digit sSpec such as SLB9L on the topside markings. Another way to tell is if you see the letters ES on the top of the processor, as shown in the image below.

processor image  
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