USB 3.0 General Troubleshooting Tools





Several troubleshooting tools are available for USB 3.0. Some of them are included in the USB 3.0 xHCI driver, and some are third-party vendor tools. Check with your third-party vendor if you have questions regarding their troubleshooting tools.

Here are some examples of the tools:

Windows* Software Trace Pre-processor (WPP)
Software tracing support in Windows OS. The debug trace messages are embedded in the driver. See How to configure WPP for more information. This tool is more useful for troubleshooting USB 3.0 devices. For debugging an issue, use third-party tools.

Windows Debug (WinDBG)
This tool captures complete/kernel memory dump, and memory dump for Blue Screen of Death issues. The tool is available from Microsoft.

USB View
This tool reads and captures USB device descriptor information. It can display device connected by port and do enumeration testing. This tool is available from Microsoft.

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW)
ETW is a type of software tracing support in Windows OS. The USB 3.0 driver stack uses it for notification about significant events. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)/original design manufacturers (ODMs) use this tool as a debug mechanism for USB issues.