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Intel® Rapid Recover Technology is a feature of Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST). It uses RAID 1 (mirroring) functionality to copy data from a designated master drive to a designated recovery drive. The master drive data can be copied to the recovery drive either continuously or on request:

  • Continuous: Changes made to data on the master drive while the system isn't docked are automatically copied to the recovery drive when the system is re-docked.
  • On request: The master drive data is restored to a previous state by copying the data on the recovery drive back to the master drive.
  • The recovery volume can be the only volume on a system. Recovery volume capacity equals the size of the smaller of the two hard drives.
  • This feature isn't supported with Intel® Optane™ memory volumes
Hard drives required
  • 2
  • More control over how data is copied between master and recovery drives.
  • Fast volume updates (only changes to the master drive since the last update are copied to the recovery drive).
  • Member hard drive data can be viewed in Microsoft Windows Explorer*.
  • No increase in volume capacity.
  • Critical data protection for mobile systems.
  • Fast restoration of the master drive to a previous or default state.