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On Windows® 10, Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software or Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software is the name given to the installation package that includes the Wi-Fi drivers and an Application Programmable Interface (API) intended for system manufacturers to create applications that interact with Intel Wi-Fi adapters and the platform. This software is necessary for your Intel Wireless or WiFi devices to function properly.

You only need to install the Wi-Fi driver instead of the full Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software package for Windows® 10. Starting with release version 20.120, a driver-only installation package is provided on Download Center.

However, your system manufacturer may have pre-installed the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software on your system to enable OEM-specific features. You should get the latest OEM-specific Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software from your computer manufacturer's support.

Important Notice

The Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software Legacy and DCH versions have been placed in End-Of Life (EOL) status starting with software package version 21.50.X onwards.


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The Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software or Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software is the name of the installation package that includes the Wi-Fi drivers and some other software components for Intel Wireless Adapters on Windows 7/8.1*.

It consists of the following key components, which may vary depending on your version of Windows operating system:

Wi-Fi Driver

The Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software package includes Wi-Fi drivers for different Intel® Wireless Adapters supported by this package. The Wi-Fi driver version you install to your system may be different than the Intel PROSet/Wireless Software package version containing this driver.
For example, in Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 19.50.1, the Wi-Fi driver version for Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 is

See Understanding the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Version and the Driver Version for further details.

Administrator Toolkit1

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Not installed by default.

IT Administrators can use this tool to create custom network profile packages. They can export the packages to client systems running Microsoft Windows*.

Intel® PROSet/Wireless Wi-Fi Connection Utility for Windows 8.1 and earlier (Intel® PROSet/Wireless Enterprise Software)1

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Not installed by default and Windows® 10 doesn't support the utility.
Provides functional Wi-Fi connection management, including:

  • Creating and modifying network profiles
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi network
  • Controlling Wi-Fi radio

This utility is designed primarily for Windows XP* and Windows 7*. It provides extra Wi-Fi features not natively supported in the Windows operating system. The following subset of tools is also installed when you install the utility:

  • WPS Connection Tool: Lets you connect to a wireless access point using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Windows 10 doesn't support this tool. The Windows operating system now natively supports the functionality.
  • Intel® Wireless Troubleshooter: This tool helps resolve basic issues with wireless network connections. Windows 10 doesn't support this tool. Newer versions of Windows have built-in diagnostics capabilities.
  • Wireless Event Viewer: Tracks, displays, and logs wireless events in files that you can send to customer support.
  • Manual Diagnostics Tool: Allows you to run a basic set of diagnostics that verify the functionality of your Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Intel Advanced Statistics: Shows information on the Wi-Fi connection to the wireless access point.
Wireless Software Extensions
Note CCX has been removed from the Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software 20.90 and later

1 These features aren't installed by default. To install, see how to do a customized installation of Intel®​ PROSet Wireless Software.


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