Open the Control Panel for Intel® Graphics


Install & Setup



The Intel® Graphics Control Panel is only available on systems that use Intel® Graphics Controllers with the correct drivers installed.

Note Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can modify how to access the Intel® Graphics Control Panel. If you can't locate Intel Graphics Settings as an option on your system using the methods outlined here, contact your OEM for more information. Make sure your computer is using an Intel® Graphics Controller and has the latest Intel® Graphics Driver installed

Open the Intel® Graphics Control Panel

You can open the Intel® Graphics Control Panel in two different ways: 

  • In desktop mode, right-click on the Desktop. Then, select Intel® Graphics Settings.

Intel® Graphics Settings


  • You can open the Intel Graphics Control Panel with a hot-key combination. On your keyboard, simultaneously press CTRL+ALT+F12.
    Note Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can disable certain hot-key functions.
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