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Vertical Synchronization (VSync), helps create stability by synchronizing the image frame rate of your game or application with your display monitor refresh rate. If it's not synchronized, it can cause screen tearing, an effect that causes the image to look glitched or duplicated horizontally across the screen.

When VSync is on, you get perfectly aligned frames with no glitching. When VSync is off, you get virtually unlimited Frames Per Second (FPS) but depending on your configuration, screen tearing, jerkiness or stuttering is more likely.

Note In older Intel® graphics drivers, this feature could be disabled for OpenGL* applications (not DirectX* games/applications).

Select the Intel® user interface used by your system for steps to enable or disable this feature.

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Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC)

VSync can be set to Always On, Always Off, or Application Controlled

In order to configure VSync in Intel GCC, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Intel® Graphics Command Center:
    • From the Windows Start Menusearch for Intel Graphics Command CenterClick the Intel Graphics Command Center icon to open the application.
  2. In the Home tab, select the game or application listed under My Games to edit the settings.

    If the game does not appear under My Games, add the game by following the steps provided in How to Add Games in the Intel® Graphics Command Center.

  3. Click Custom to create a custom profile.
  4. Find the Vertical Sync setting and apply the desired setting for the game or application.

    Always On sets VSync to always enabled. The Application Controlled setting sets VSync under control of the game or application that uses it.

    VSync settings only affect full screen games or applications.

Intel® Graphics Control PanelYou can enable or disable the option for VSync in the game or application if the option is supported. In this version of the Intel® Graphics Control Panel, there are no options for disabling or enabling VSync for DirectX* games or applications.
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