Linux* Support for Intel® NUC


Install & Setup



A select list of Linux* distributions have been validated on some Intel® NUCs.  To see which Linux* distributions have been tested with your Intel® NUC, see Supported Operating Systems for Intel® NUC Products.

If your Linux* Distribution and version are not listed, contact your Linux Distribution's support.

Support for validated Linux Distributions is provided by Intel® as Best-Effort.  For some common issues visit: Troubleshooting Linux* Issues on Intel®NUCs.

Contact your Linux Distribution's support for Operating System and Driver related issues.

Ask your questions on Intel® Communities for Intel® NUCs, or contact Intel's Customer Support

Linux* driver information

Linux distributions usually include all necessary drivers for the hardware in the Intel® NUC systems.

+Tested = Installed the Operating System and basic functionality tests.

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