SPARC: Contract Compliance/Most Favored Customer Assessment Program

Revised August 24, 2023 This document details the supplier requirements for the Contract Compliance / Most Favored Customer Assessment (CC / MFC) Program. Please read and understand the details below, which will help explain what needs to be done and why. After implementation, there may be additional requirements to comply with this program. These may include regulatory updates, additional assessment or audit requests, actions required resulting from an audit/assessment, or any other requirement Intel deems necessary due to a change in the risk landscape. Supplier expectations include: CC / MFC In depth assessment 1. 2. 3. Timely engagement with the independent third-party audit firm to assess and validate the level of compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract with Intel, any associated transaction documents, amendments and/or addenda. Providing required documentation to allow the assessment of: a. Intel and non-Intel customer sales records, b. The pricing structure applied to Intel transactions, c. Sales, data, and pricing extracts from the ERP system and/or manual documentation as needed, d. Process interviews with key stakeholders to understand the nature of the business. Active and timely implementation of recommendations from the Supplier Improvement Plan / Negotiation Plan / Cost Recovery Plan. CC / MFC Self-assessment and/or survey 1. 2. 3. Supplier will acknowledge receipt of the CC/ MFC self-assessment or survey request from the Most Favored Customer Program team. Complete the self-assessment or survey and submit by due date specified in email communication, typically four weeks from the date received. If warranted, Intel will contact supplier directly for any further action required or clarifications needed. If you need assistance, please contact for additional guidance. © 2023 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. The Information contained herein is subject to change without notice.