A/T Subcontractor Training Rev 7 June 2005 Electronic Product Data Management (ePDM)

Intel Worldwide Contracting 1 Table of Contents Section Description Section 1: Gaining Access: Internet Brow ser/Softw are requirements Signing up for an account in ePDM Troubleshooting Registration Section 2: Using Your ePDM Account Logging on to ePDM Supplier Information Page Entering PDM site Item Query/Item Detail Reading a BOM Report Excel or XML Document dow nload of data File View and Dow nload Part Details w ithin BOM Advanced Query Options Section 3: Quick guide Terms/Acronyms Page 3 4 - 7 8 9 10 - 11 12 13 - 15 16 - 19 20 - 23 24 - 30 31 - 32 33 - 38 39 - 41 42 - 43 2 Section 1: Gaining Access to ePDM A. Internet Browser/Software/Hardware Requirements 1. Internet Browser Requirements One of the following is required to use Intel’s E-Business web-based applications: • Internet Explorer: 5.0 or higher • Not fully Netscape Explorer or Communicator compatible 2. Software requirements: • WinZip or compatible UN-Zip software • Post Script printer (that also supports above requirements) 3 B. Signing up for an account in ePDM 1. Log into the following web site: https://supplier2.intel.com 2. Select Registration 4 3. Select Request New Account Link to initially apply for an account. 4. Select Check the Status or Request Additional Access to determine your account approval status or to request access to other supplier.intel.com modules. 5. After your account is created, you can update your personal information at any time. Request a new Or Check the status or Account request additional access Update your Personal Information after account is created 5 C. When registration screen appears select the following: 1. Supplier Info-PDM (click on empty box- (ensure it has a check mark). 2. Click on the Next button 6 D. The registration screen will appear: 1. Complete all required fields indicated by an asterisk *. 2. Click the question mark to obtain help with the specific field. 3. Click on the Submit button when completed. 4. Your request must be approved by your SPS rep within your company before being forwarded to Intel. 5. You should receive your account information by e-Mail within 10 business days after approval from SPS rep. Note: Include the email name of the Intel Contact in the Intel Contact field for faster account approval. 7 Your request should not take longer than 10 business days after approval by rep at your site, if it does: • Call your Intel contact to ensure they have approved your account. • Check your e-Mail to ensure that you have not received notification on the new account. • Work with your Intel contact to trouble shoot why your account has not been activated. • If any of your information was filled out incorrectly you may have to re-apply. • If you have multiple sites you only need one account it will allow you access to all site BOM’s. 8 Section 2: Using your ePDM account A. Logging into ePDM using your browser: 1. Log into https://supplier.intel.com/infoweb/ 2. Click on Supplier Login 3. Enter your Login ID and Password 4. Click Submit mysupplierid ********** 9 Supplier Information Page This page is where you will find the complete notifications that you have been alerted to. Included in this section are: ▪ Your Notifications: e-Mail Notifications affecting your manufacturing number ▪ Your News: News for manufacturers accessing supplier.intel.com 10 Supplier Information Page continued To view the notification/document/news: 1. Click on the item you wish to view. Which will open