"Commitment to this Certificate of Analysis Milestone Program was driven by our organizations’ need to work together as strategic partners to solve business problems that would benefit us individually and collectively across the semi-conductor industry for years to come. Success of this team was due to senior leadership commitment, excellent project management skills, and willingness to remain focused, flexible and work on the highest priority items which lead to higher quality product delivery ahead of schedule and team cohesiveness.” Conquer Complexity with RosettaNet Standards RosettaNet Standards are used in the most efficient supply chain networks to eliminate business process complexity, and allow all trading partners to communicate in a common language. RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes® (PIPs®) are developed to simplify and automate end-to- end e-business processes. Electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCofA) The RosettaNet community has a long history of creating business to business standards. With more than 13,000 connections and 1,200 trading partners, RosettaNet users know how to create business value. The electronic Certificate of Analysis (eCofA) message establishes a new industry standard with a more efficient and useable structure for eCofA communicating electronic material certificates. The Business Challenge: Today, many trading partners are required to communicate and submit material certificates to their customers in various ways. This approach can be difficult to manage and costly when applied to multiple suppliers and customers throughout their industry trading networks. In addition to being a resource and cost burden, the risk of error is high due to managing multiple manual processes. This results in re-work, and ADDS complexity and inefficiency to the process. Certificate of Analysis Current Situation Supplier Supplier A Supplier B (with Realtim Supplier C (no backend) Service Provider FTP http://www Customer Customer A Custom XML Customer B Custom FTP Customer Custom online application Customer D Email spreadsheet/CSV Manually key information Extract data to Excel or CSV Custom Programs-Automated Output Custom/Proprietary CofA format Email The Business Solution: The RosettaNet Semiconductor Manufacturing Council has led the development of a new standard to address the problem of sending materials certificates manually. This standard will capture CofA data and provide the customer a standard electronic format designed by the high- tech community. Adoption, implementation, and execution of this standard will eliminate complexity and inefficiency, and allow operators to focus their resources on higher value operations. Additionally, this standard requires the use of an industry standard code list (instead of an open text field) that eliminates the potential of error and rework; which in turn saves time and maintenance costs. For more information about eCofA, please visit Certificate of Analysis The RosettaNet Solution Supplier One supplier who Supplier A submits CofA data Direct RosettaNet through various methods B2B today (proprietary XML, CSV format, spreadsheets, Supplier and scanned files) (with backend) Hosted RosettaNet anticipates a reduction of or RAE Rea over $250,000 USD annually in maintenance Supplier C costs by transitioning to (without backend) this new RosettaNet PIP. Customer Customer A Direct RosettaNet B2B Direct RosettaNet B2B Customer B Customer Customer D RosettaNet CofA format Other custom/Proprietary format RosettaNet Automated Enablement (RAE) automates the configuration of systems and applications to implement a new PIP. Solutions to Maximize Your Supply Chain Increase your efficiency, meet industry best practices and comply with business requirements by adopting and implementing RosettaNet standards today. Conquering complexity is something the RosettaNet community knows something about. RosettaNet member companies represent in excess of $1.2 trillion dollars in annual revenue,