SEIMS Copy Existing Product

A Guide on How to Copy an Existing Product in Intel's Supplier EHS IP Management System (SEIMS).


Welcome to the segment of supplier training. The goal of this video is to walk you through the process of copying an existing product. Then we will activate the products so authorized users will be able to view the product information online. Log into the SEAMS application, locate an existing product that you would like to copy. Select the Copy option off to the right of the product, you will wish a copy. Then select the Confirm button.

Your newly created product is a copy of your existing products details and ingredients. Documents are copied and the new product will not be active. Now change your product name to ensure it has a unique product name. Select the Save button, and then select the Confirm button. The Active button will become available after you have edited the Copy Ingredients as needed, added at least one document, and changed the product name.

After selecting the Activate button, select the Confirm button to complete activation. As you can see the product is now active. This concludes the segment of supplier training, which is copying a product, then activating the products so authorized users can view the product user information online.