Culture of Caring: FCE's Dan Doron Talks Safety

Intel's FCE organization is on a journey to evolve our safety culture to keep everyone safe on and off the job site. The evolution of our safety culture is a critical driver of our success at Intel.


Hello. I'm Dan Doron, general manager of Intel Fab Construction Enterprise. Safety is our top priority. Actually, this is a precondition to all what we do. And it comes from the foundation of our culture of care. As simple as that, for us, the most important is that everyone goes home safe every day, as we care. We care for all, no matter what is the color of the badge.

Our safety culture is part of our everyday job, enabling and sustaining the safe, health, and well-being of every person on our site. Recent tragic event draws us to check ourselves more in depth to strengthen the culture of the safety and care, an in-depth review of our day-to-day, asking ourselves the toughest question, and looking at the mirror and asking daily, have I done enough on safety today? And this starts with me and to everyone in the organization.

IDM 2.0 Strategy is amazing opportunity to keep and develop, build and shine. And the massive scopes comes with IDM 2.0 drives new challenges and helps and demands us to keep and develop the best of the best culture of injury-free as a necessity for success. No project is going to be successful if people get hurt.

This culture drives open lines of communication, leadership, and empowerment of our workforce to enable Intel to deliver construction projects with safety as our top priority. I hope that you find this video posted here insightful and helpful resources to help you grow and stay safe on the job. Thank you for care. Thank you for keep drive safety as a top priority and as a value. And good luck. The future is what we build.