Intelligent Cache Acceleration Software

Cache acceleration software (CAS) enables the implementation of media aware storage architectures through intelligent storage caching that effectively combines a layer of fast media and a lower-cost storage pool to deliver affordable, high performance storage.

Today's data centers are held back by storage I/O that cannot keep up with ever-increasing demand, preventing systems from reaching their full performance potential. Traditional solutions, such as increasing storage, servers, or memory, add huge expense and complexity.

Cache acceleration software was designed to use a relatively small capacity of very fast media, such as Intel® Optane™ SSDs, to modernize data center environments and accelerate storage performance. Storage I/O can be balanced with other system components, so resources are utilized more effectively. CAS has a variety of customizable options that go beyond caching the most recently accessed I/O:

  • Intelligent caching with workload stratification into file and I/O classification
  • Multiple cache modes to accelerate reads vs writes
  • Available enterprise validation and support
  • No application changes required
  • Flexible cache line sizes

Several implementations of CAS exist:

  • Open CAS: An open source version available on GitHub so developers can incorporate CAS into their desired storage solution 
  • Intel® VROC Integrated Caching: An enterprise-supported and validated version of Open CAS delivered with Intel® VROC
  • Intel® CAS for Windows: An Intel productized version available for Windows users