Intel® Building Management Platform Makes it Easier to Connect Building Systems to the Cloud

Traditionally, the high cost of building management systems (BMS) has been difficult to justify for small- to medium-sized buildings. This is now changing as leading-edge technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) are being used to drive down BMS cost, transforming the market dynamics for software vendors, systems integrators, and solution providers. 

Accelerating this transformation is the Intel® Building Management Platform (Intel® BMP), which integrates CANDI PowerTools* to give cloud-based smart building applications and services secure and easy access to data and “things” in commercial buildings. The platform connects to disparate building equipment and devices that use a variety of protocols and sends their data to cloud-based services and applications for business intelligence (BI), analytics, dashboards, and other applications.

Application-Ready Platform

Intel BMP interfaces to a broad set of building systems and sensors, and filters and securely transfers their data to the cloud (or on-premises servers), handling the protocol translations needed in between. These connections can be made to air-handling units, chillers, thermostats, meters, lighting control, sensors, switches, and video cameras using standard protocols such as BACnet,* ZigBee,* Insteon,* IP, UPnP, and more.

This platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution reduces development time and effort for solution providers by offering a pre-integrated platform on which they can deploy a wide range of affordable applications and services.1

Key Features

Easy Access to Building Data and ThingsCANDI PowerTools* is integrated into Intel BMP to provide discovery tools and a drag-and-drop interface for installers to quickly find and provision devices, and collect their data. The platform interfaces to hundreds of devices and data types using a wide range of protocols that will grow over time.

Over-the-Air Updates—The platform also communicates with a cloud service used to remotely provision, manage, and maintain the software with over-the-air updates such as new protocol drivers, critical security patches and new features. 

Cyber Security Protection—Intel BMP is ruggedized and locked-down using McAfee Embedded Control* software to help protect the system from cyber threats and attacks.

Flexibility and Choice—Over time, Intel BMP will enable a broad choice of ecosystem solutions, providing:

  • A variety of IoT gateways supporting a range of cost points, performance, and features
  • A choice of software and cloud applications for building management  
  • A growing library of compatible devices and sensors using standard protocols

Trusted OS Platform—Intel BMP includes the industry-leading commercial embedded Linux* from Wind River as its OS foundation. The included pre-optimized Linux operating system from Wind River provides a proven open-source foundation on certified hardware with security monitoring and updates.


Where to Buy

Begin the development of your smart building management solution with these Intel® Building Management Platform (Intel® BMP) key ingredients.

CANDI Controls, Inc.

Purchase CANDI PowerTools* to jumpstart your smart building management solution.

Intel® Gateways

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