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Intel ID:  INTEL-SA-00055
Product family:  Intel® Solid-State Drive Consumer, Professional, Embedded and Data Center
Impact of vulnerability Denial of Service
Severity rating Moderate
Original release:  Aug 01, 2016
Last revised:  Aug 01, 2016

Affected products:

Product Name Impacted FW Versions Mitigated FW Versions Update Source
Intel SSD 540s Series 2.5" LSBG200, LSF031C LSF036C


Intel SSD Firmware Update Tool


Intel SSD 540s Series M.2 LSBG100, LSF031C LSF036C
Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series 2.5" LSF031P LSF036P
Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series M.2 LSF031P LSF036P
Intel SSD E 5400s Series 2.5" LSMG200, LSF031E LSF036E
Intel SSD E 5400s Series M.2 LSMG100, LSF031E LSF036E
Intel SSD DC S3100 Series LSDG200, LSF031D LSF036D

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