Deepak Vembar

Intel Labs / Research Scientist

Research areas

  • Algorithms

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Client Computing Systems

  • Cloud Computing Systems

  • Graphics

  • Machine Learning

  • Media Processing

  • System Architecture & Integration

  • User Experience & Design

  • Visual Computing System



Deepak is a Research Scientist in Intel Labs, focusing primarily on building real-time, immersive and interactive systems. At Intel Labs, he has developed and led teams in delivering end-to-end visual compute systems to support continuous streaming, processing and display of multi-camera data using distributed cloud compute resources, full stack software solutions for wearable devices powered by Intel test silicon, as well as in-cabin automotive interfaces for distracted driving. More recently, he has been looking at fundamental research around the interplay of real-time graphics and AI systems. Prior to Intel Labs, he spent a few years in Intel Software group helping AAA game studios optimize their titles to run best on Intel Client and mobile platforms.