Intel® FPGA Programming Software

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software and MAX+PLUS® II software are Intel® tools that provide compiler, simulation, and programming capabilities. A designer without the full version of the Intel Quartus Prime software or the MAX+PLUS II software can use the stand-alone versions of the programmer to program, verify, and examine Intel devices. The Intel Quartus Prime software supports all current Intel programming hardware.

While the Intel Quartus Prime software supports most of the Intel device families supported by the MAX+PLUS II software, it does not support obsolete devices or packages. Table 1 lists the devices supported by these two software tools.

Table 1. Device Support Comparison

Device Intel® Quartus® Prime Software MAX+PLUS® II Software
Intel® Stratix® Family Yes  
Intel Cyclone® Family Yes  
MercuryTM Yes  
ACEX® 1K Yes Yes
APEX 20K Yes  
APEX 20KE Yes  
APEX 20KC Yes  
FLEX 10K® Yes (1) Yes
FLEX 10KA Yes Yes
FLEX 10KE Yes (2) Yes
FLEX® 8000   Yes
FLEX 6000 Yes Yes
MAX® II Yes  
MAX 9000   Yes
MAX 7000A Yes Yes
MAX 7000B Yes Yes
MAX 7000S Yes Yes
MAX 3000A Yes Yes
ExcaliburTM Yes Yes
Serial Configuration Devices Yes  
Enhanced Configuration Devices Yes (3) Yes (3)


  1. FPGA packages (represented as package type G in the ordering code) are not supported in the Intel Quartus Prime software.
  2. Some packages are not supported.
  3. Some devices are not supported.



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