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Password Reset Instructions

If you were a myAltera user, you will continue to use your existing Altera Username to sign-in to Intel.com on or after July 30th. But you will need to create a new password when you first login to Intel.com. Please follow this link to reset your password:


At the Forgot Your Password screen, enter your Username, then click Submit.

You will receive an email notification with a link to Reset Password.




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Create a Valid Password


  • Eight (8) to fifteen (15) characters
  • At least one alphabetic character (a-z, A-Z)
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  • At least one special character (#$%)

Do not use:

  • Non-English characters
  • Your username
  • Three or more repeating characters, such as "1111" or "aaa"
  • Any email address on record for the account
  • A previous password

Create a Valid Username

Usernames are case sensitive and may contain letters, numbers, and these special characters: 

  • period (.)
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  • at symbol (@)

If updating an existing username, sign in again after waiting a minute or two for the changes to apply.

Note: You may use an email address as your username; however, if your email address should change, your username will remain unaffected unless you update it by signing into your Intel account.

Using Internet Explorer* (IE)

If you experience problems viewing this site in IE*, you may need to disable the Compatibility View option. Compatibility View and related settings are found under the Tools menu in IE*. Refer to your browser help for instructions.

Other Tips

  • Try a different browser. Internet Explorer is preferred, but Firefox* and Chrome* may also work.
  • Enable cookies in your browser and clear your browser cache. Refer to your browser help for instructions.
  • If you are not receiving expected emails from Intel, check your Spam or Junk folders.
  • Check that your keyboard Caps Lock and Num Lock are off, and then retype your email and password.

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