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Temento Systems provides the industry's most comprehensive PCB testing solutions based on the 1149.1 IEEE boundary-scan standards. These solutions cover the overall product life cycle, including engineering, industrialization, production, repair, and maintenance.

With the DiaTem Studio product family, Temento Systems provides the same boundary-scan environment, whatever the product development stage.

DiaTem Engineering Station allows you to define the test coverage of your board and helps you to improve the testability. The tool allows you to check and verify boundary-scan description language (BSDL) files according to the IEEE 1149.1 standard. Using a full list of features (debug toolbox for checking JTAG signal integrity, JTAG reliability, clustering, Flash/FPGA programming, etc.), you can debug your scan path, whatever the number of scan chains, and develop your own test scripts to launch a custom test or to perform in-system programming for flash memories. DiaTem supports all Altera® devices that can be programmed with JamTM Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL) or Serial Vector Format (SVF). The programming files for the supported devices are created by Altera's MAX+PLUS® II or Quartus® II software and applied by Temento Systems ISP Tools. In addition, a wizard provided by Industrialization Station enables you to define several test plans for production tests.

DiaTem Production addresses very high-speed boundary-scan applications and high-volume production, using patented proprietary techniques to provide fast test and in-system programming throughput. DiaTem Production has more than 10 years of industry experience in testing complex boards and is widely used in many in-circuit test systems throughout the world.

To identify defects on faulty boards, the powerful PCB viewer in DiaTem Repair Station enables you to diagnose and highlight the faults in the design and/or layout files. You can get an immediate view of the different nets or pins that are in default and immediately repair the defects.

In addition, the DiaTem Studio product line takes full advantage of a DCOM architecture to provide speed, flexibility, and modularity not found in competitive products.

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