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Last Modified: February 13, 2006

How can I determine the contents of the Jam<SUP>&#153;</SUP> Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL) Byte-Code File (<B>.jbc</B>)?


Since .jbc files are binary files, you cannot read the contents of the file with a standard text editor. The Altera® stand-alone Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player provides a -i feature that displays .jbc file header information. This feature displays the header information without performing any of the actions specifed in the .jbc file. This header information displayed includes:

  • File transmission cyclic redundancy code (CRC)
  • File creator
  • File creation date
  • Devices in the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) chain
  • IDCODE of the device(s)
  • Data checksum(s)
  • Individual device source file name(s)
  • STAPL specification version
  • Available actions
  • Optional procedures within actions

The syntax for using this -i option is:

  jbi -i my_file.jbc

For users familiar with the Jam STAPL (JEDEC standard JESD-71), the -i feature lists the CRC value, all note fields, all actions, and all procedures within those actions.

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