Device Family: Stratix® V, Stratix® V E, Stratix® V GS, Stratix® V GT, Stratix® V GX

Type: Answers

Area: EMIF, Intellectual Property

IP Product: DDR3 SDRAM Controller MegaCore supporting UniPHY

Error (170084): Can't route signal "|altdq_dqs2_stratixv:altdq_dqs2_inst|dqs_enable_int" to atom "|altdq_dqs2_stratixv:altdq_dqs2_inst|dqs_ff"


When compiling a Stratix® V DDR3 UniPHY controller design in the Quartus® II software version 11.1 and 11.1SP1, you may get the following error message:

Error (170084): Can't route signal "<hierarchy>|altdq_dqs2_stratixv:altdq_dqs2_inst|dqs_enable_int" to atom "<hierarchy>|altdq_dqs2_stratixv:altdq_dqs2_inst|dqs_ff"

The error occurs when "enable read DQS tracking" is selected in the DDR3 Megawizard.


The workaround is to uncheck "enable read DQS tracking" and regenerate the DDR3 UniPHY controller.

This issue is fixed in Quartus II software and IP version 11.1SP2.