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Error: WDC_PCiScanDevices failed.


Attempting to configure a board with reprogram.exe might fail with the message:

WDC_PCiScanDevices failed.

Error 0x2000000f - Device not found

Error opening the device

This error might result from the following causes:

  1. The board is missing a default configuration image.
  2. The board does not finish configuring the FPGA until after the system enumerates all of its PCI Express® (PCIe®) devices.


  1. If the board is missing a default configuration image, update or change the default configuration image (also referred to as a programming file, .sof or .rbf). Refer to the board manufacturer\'s documentation for more information.
  2. If your board has been set up with a default programming file but does not appear in your operating system\'s list of devices, perform the following tasks:
    1. On the first system boot after the FPGA board has been powered down, perform a soft reboot (that is, reboot the host operating system without removing power to the PCIe devices).
    2. If a soft reboot does not resolve the problem and you have a system that allows you to configure the BIOS to increase the delay before the system performs PCIe device enumeration, set the delay to a higher value to provide more time for the board to configure the FPGA.
    3. If performing a soft reboot and increasing the delay value do not resolve the problem, most systems allow you to pause the boot sequence by entering the BIOS setup menu and then exit without saving changes. This pause gives the board enough time to configure the FPGA after power-up, and then restarts the boot sequence, re-enumerating the PCIe devices.