Type: Answers

Area: Intellectual Property

IP Product: Serial RapidIO MegaCore

Does the Serial RapidIO MegaCore provide any platform to implement some custom Logical Layer functions or my own custom NREAD/NWRITE module?


If your Serial RapidIO applications requires a custom Logical Layer function, you can use the Avalon-ST Pass Through interface to implement it.  The Avalon-ST Pass Through interface provides the flexibility for you to implement custom system level applications.  Some of the following are examples of the Avalon-ST Pass Through interface.

  • You want to implement Message Passsing and you have already settled on an architecture.  The architecture may be a combination of software and hardware components.  You can use the Avalon-ST Pass Through interface to connect your Message Passing function directly to the Transport Layer of the RapidIO MegaCore. 
  • Another example is that you may want to implement a limited but effecient set of transactions.  For example, your application endpoint only requires that you source NWRITEs followed by a DOORBELL message and you want to maintain that strict order.  If you want complete control of generating the transactions, you can use the Avalon-ST Pass Through interface. 

Note that by implementing your functions and designs using the Avalon-ST Pass Through interface could be quite complex since you are responsible to assemble the Transport and Logical header fields. All the required bookkeeping should be taken care of to ensure your implementation works as expected.

Refer to the following sections in the RapidIO MegaCore Function User Guide (PDF) 

  • Chapter 4: Functional Description, Avalon-ST Pass-Through Interface
  • Chapter 5: Signals, Avalon-ST Pass-Through Interface Signals
  • Chapter 5: Signals, Error Management Extension Signals