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Last Modified: July 21, 2015
Version Found: v14.1
Version Fixed: v14.1

How do I determine if I have the right executables for running Modelsim Altera Starter Edition in the Quartus II software version 14.1?


The Quartus® II software version 14.1 Build 186 fixes problem with the original Quartus II software version 14.1 release, which required the full edition license for Modelsim Altera Starter edition to be launched.

To check if you have the right version installed, check if you have the following file path in your Quartus installation directory: /modelsim_ase/lib/.awe file. If this file exists, then your installation will work fine for Modelsim Altera Starter edition.

You can also check the MD5SUM for the installation file you downloaded, to see if it’s the correct installation file.

Installation file Old MD5SUM New MD5SUM (fixed)
Quartus- 6AB7932838C318058F334EB85C1CB876 F5D986A04D00EAAE8DB0698FFA8CF6ED
Quartus- AF1BDAFF84387ECE3E1A16CEE79E576D 70220D5D4F0AB1E88361DCA1A7497F01
Quartus- 528E03DDE7C8A798AC4F2CABB775CA4E CC38FF31A7474083D0ED6FD68BB23267
Quartus- 4B3A4D0A241A51666D74A09E50FD5CF0 53D2671276CC42FDF36869474D716C44
Quartus-web- 8F09474EF396FF48EDD185F50D5AFED5 59EE7AC356ECF22E30FB8831F905AF62
Quartus-web- 164BB82E5921CE49B62F2B4B3D75FB24 9EE4B9DFC235EAC18CCF273E8878BCF0
ModelSimSetup- 969290387255BDC6C6AC452AEEF71AE0 70BE49AF8A26D4345937ED6BE4D568C8
ModelSimSetup- 9C3F3579B84CB1A15ECC518C75E2D11C C931A4F7F9B4306DD8E8248607993C7C
Quartus- 231B4EAE6C56CFDDDFFBE6E980E8F26A 9CE12E3E1EA5E74A9B291AC2EA74115F
Quartus- 3AE937D69B19A4AFE333790CA7AB5F97 F3E3203930935D0BF3BF0BF4B7DD0FB1
Quartus-web- ACB3E05DBD5E7C1A6894B3311DDB4808 397FD56336ABC2B0759392898F2BBAFC

For your downloaded installation file, the correct installation files should have the MD5SUM in the New(fixed) column (for your specific OS, and installation file) in the table below .

If your installation file shows the OLD MD5SUM, please download the file again from the download center, and reinstall. If you do not want to do a complete reinstall, a patch is also available from the related solution below

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