IBIS Models for Intel® Devices

The input/output buffer information specification (IBIS) is a device-modeling standard that was developed in 1993 by a consortium of companies from within the electronic design industry. IBIS allows the development of device models that preserve the proprietary nature of integrated circuit device designs, while at the same time providing information-rich models for signal integrity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis.

IBIS models for Intel® devices support a wide variety of I/O features and cover minimum, typical, and maximum process, voltage, and temperature conditions. Information contained within the IBIS files is for modeling purposes only and is not guaranteed.

Read the instructions available in each device's IBIS user guide on how to use IBIS models in your simulations, or learn more on generating IBIS files with Intel® Quartus® Prime software.


Table 1 shows IBIS models for Intel® devices.

To download IBIS models, read the licensing terms and conditions and click the IBIS model links in the Table 1.

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Table 1. IBIS Models for Matured Intel® Devices

Device Family Part Number Begins With List of Models (1) Package RLC Values (2) IBIS Model (3) IBIS Model Revision (3) Last IBIS Model Update (3)
ACEX® EP1K acex1k models.xls acex1k rlc.xls acex1k.zip 1.3 Jun 30, 2004
APEX™ 20K EP20K apex20k models.xls apex20k rlc.xls apex20k.zip 1.4 Mar 30, 2004
APEX™ 20KC EP20K apex20kc models.xls apex20kc rlc.xls apex20kc.zip 1.2 May 30, 2001
APEX™ 20KE EP20K apex20ke models.xls apex20ke rlc.xls apex20ke.zip 1.5 Jun 30, 2004
APEX™ II EP2A apex2 models.xls apex2 rlc.xls apex2.zip 1.2 Dec 30, 2001
Arria® GX EP1AGX arriagx models.xls arriagx rlc.xls arriagx.zip 1.0 May 8, 2007
Arria® II GX EP2AGX arria2gx models.xls arria2gx rlc.xls arria2gx.zip 2.0 Mar 26, 2010
Arria® II GZ EP2AGZ arria2gz models.xls arria2gz rlc.xls arria2gz.zip 2.0 Dec 6, 2010
Cyclone® EP1C cyclone models.xls cyclone rlc.xls cyclone.zip 1.7 May 6, 2009
Cyclone® II EP2C cyclone2 models.xls cyclone2 rlc.xls cyclone2.zip 1.6 Jul 30, 2007
FLEX® 10K EPF10K flex10k models.xls flex10k rlc.xls flex10k.zip 1.6 Jul 30, 1998
FLEX® 10KA EPF10K flex10ka models.xls flex10ka rlc.xls flex10ka.zip 1.5 Aug 30, 1999
FLEX® 10KE EPF10K flex10ke models.xls flex10ke rlc.xls flex10ke.zip 1.2 Oct 30, 1998
FLEX® 6000 EPF6 flex6000 models.xls flex6000 rlc.xls flex6000.zip 1.3 Jul 30, 1998
HardCopy® II HC2 hardcopy2 models.xls hardcopy2 rlc.xls hardcopy2.zip 1.4 Apr 19, 2007
HardCopy® III HC3 hardcopy3 models.xls hardcopy3 rlc.xls hardcopy3.zip 2.0 Jul 16, 2010
HardCopy® IV HC4 hardcopy4 models.xls hardcopy4 rlc.xls hardcopy4.zip 2.0 Oct 15, 2010
HardCopy® Stratix® HC1S hcstratix models.xls hcstratix rlc.xls hcstratix.zip 3.5 Mar 30, 2007
MAX® 7000B EPM7 max7000b models.xls max7000b rlc.xls max7000b.zip 2.0 Oct 28, 2005
MAX® 7000S EPM7 max7000s models.xls max7000s rlc.xls max7000s.zip 2.0 Oct 28, 2005
MAX® II EPM max2 models.xls max2 rlc.xls max2.zip 2.2 Dec 14, 2007
Stratix® EP1S stratix models.xls stratix rlc.xls stratix.zip 2.4 May 30, 2005
Stratix® GX EP1SGX stratixgx models.xls stratixgx rlc.xls stratixgx.zip 2.5 Mar 30, 2007
Stratix® II EP2S stratix2 models.xls stratix2 rlc.xls stratix2.zip 4.9 Mar 30, 2007
Stratix® II GX EP2SGX stratix2gx models.xls stratix2gx rlc.xls stratix2gx.zip 1.1 Mar 30, 2007
Stratix® III EP3S stratix3 models.xls stratix3 rlc.xls stratix3.zip 2.9 Aug 27, 2009
Configuration Devices EPC epc_models.xls - epc1_2.zip 2.2 Feb 28, 2005
epc4_8_16q100.zip 2.1 Feb 28, 2005
epc16uc88.zip 2.0 Sep 30, 2003
epcs1.zip 1.3 Jan 23, 2014
epcs4.zip 1.3 Jan 23, 2014
epcs16.zip 1.1 Jan 23, 2014
epcs64.zip 1.1 Jan 23, 2014
epcs128.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq16.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq32.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq64.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq128.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq256.zip 1.0 Jan 23, 2014
epcq512.zip 1.0 Oct 15, 2015
epcql256.zip 1.0 Oct 15, 2015
epcql512.zip 1.0 Oct 15, 2015
epcql1024.zip 1.0 Oct 15, 2015


  1. Files in this column show the supported IBIS models. Updates to this column will not be reflected on the date listed in the 'Last IBIS Model Update' column. An Update tag indicates that the file has been updated recently.
  2. Files in this column show the resistance, inductance, and capacitance values for different packages. Updates to this column will not be reflected on the date listed in the 'Last IBIS Model Update' column. An Update tag indicates that the file has been updated recently.
  3. These three columns are inter-related. In each row, the 'IBIS Model Revision' column shows the IBIS model version contained in the zip file of the 'IBIS Model' column, while the 'Last IBIS Model Update' column corresponds to the date the zip file was uploaded. 

If you have any questions about the contents of your IBIS files, visit the mySupport website.