Intel® Agilex® Device BSDL Files

Browse boundary-scan description language (BSDL) files by specific devices and choose the appropriate device package. The same BSDL file can be used regardless of speed grade or temperature.

IEEE 1149.6 Compliant Intel Agilex Device Production BSDL Files (1)(2)
Device Family Device Package File Code Version
 F - Series AGFA014 2486-pin FineLine BGA AGFA014R24A 1.01
AGFB014 2486-pin Fineline BGA AGFB014R24A 1.01

(1) The BSDL Files are syntax checked using these tools:

  1. JTAG Technologies
  2. ASSET Intertech - Agilent Technologies
  3. Corelis
  4. Goepel electronic 

(2) You must execute the MISCCTRL instruction to enable the boundary-scan circuitry in Intel Agilex devices.

Example 1. MISCCTRL Instruction

SIR 10 TDI (013);


SDR 8 TDI (01);